Identity, the Lynchpin for Digital Transformation

IAM market to reach $26.74B by 2022 according to Gartner

With digital technologies transforming every industry, identity and access management (IAM) has become vital to today’s business technology agenda.


Executives can stay on top of their cybersecurity game by ensuring the right individuals are the ones signing in to their business networks in the right way.


However, employees and negligence are rapidly becoming a company’s biggest threats. Imagine an overworker team member clicking a phishing link sent by email, and that link logs the individual into another part of the organization’s network carrying a hacker’s payload. Pretty soon, bad news.


To secure confidential user data in the age of global cyberattacks and increase user adoption – a new approch is required. That’s where Okta IAM comes in.

Building the IT Foundation for the Future


By harnessing the power of the cloud, Okta allows millions of users to instantly access work applications on any device at any time. Okta also helps IT leaders know with certainty that those connections are trusted and secure.

Using IAM in the age of megabreaches


The benefits of cloud IAM have made it a huge priority for IT departments across industries.  This infographic reviews the results from IDG’s most recent survey on IAM.  Learn about your peers’ top identity and security challenges, and where their priorities for the future lie.

Adobe uses Okta to connect thousands of creatives and employees to the cloud


  • 20,500 Adobe employees using Okta for SSO into 300 enterprise apps, including Office 365.
  • Thousands of companies use Okta to access Adobe Creative Cloud for enterprise.
  • 9 months to deliver enterprise-ready authentication, fully integrated into Creative Cloud
IAM challenges with your SaaS apps


The largest enterprises with the most sophisticated IT teams in the world are now starting to adopt SaaS applications. They now see that SaaS is not just a new deployment model. With faster innovation cycles and all customers running the same version, SaaS applications are quickly becoming the best applications in every category of IT.

You’re in Control with Okta Identity Cloud

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