NSX Implementation

Teranet is Canada’s leader in the delivery and transformation of statutory registry services with extensive expertise in land and commercial registries. Their innovative commercial solutions connect government, business and consumers through the delivery and transformation of registry services, data solutions and e-conveyancing, while always maintaining the highest standards of reliability and integrity.

Teranet wanted to effectively secure a new application that is fully virtualized. In order to ensure a micro-segmented environment, NSX was determined to be the optimal choice.


A long-time partner of Teranet, ESI’s approach was a design based and architectural process to ensure the application installation was the right fit for the client.

ESI met on several instances with the Teranet team to get a better sense of the challenges that were being faced and assessing how best to accommodate them. ESI was granted access to the client’s IT storage and network to collect data to allow a thorough assessment.

This assessment determined that securing the virtual application was very important. When looking at the options for micro-segmentation (firewall around every single server) as the optimal solution, VMware NSX was the right way to go to answer Teranet’s needs.

This network virtualization platform is able to operate independently of the underlying physical topology. Entire networks are able to be spun up, moved, snapshot, or deleted with the same operational model of a VM.

Solution Highlights


Monitoring of information to guarantee a general overview of the network and security functions.


Networking decoupled from the physical device, and embedded directly into the hypervisor to gain performance.


Networking and security positioned to see the physical network and the virtual environment, enabling dynamic, context-based decisions to be made or automated.


Functionality distributed across the entire date centre, creating an abstraction layer where networking and security are available, enforceable, and adaptable everywhere in the environment.

“From a partner perspective, what we look for are skills, talent and the right know-how to help us be productive.”


– Nicholas Laine, Senior Infrastructure Architect

“When it comes to NSX implementation, ESI is the integrator of choice.”


– Ali Dualeh,  Senior Systems Administrator – Server Operations