Here’s How to Prioritize Technological Choices

Increasingly, businesses need modern, easy-to-use technology tools to support their growth and remain competitive. However, it is clear that the exorbitant costs of certain technological choices do not always translate into a return on investment that meets expectations.

On the other hand, many companies do not have the resources or in-house expertise to properly prepare for and integrate new solutions and accelerate their acquisitions, which often leads to frustrations for employees because of hasty implementation and lack of change management.

In order to maximize the return on investment, it is necessary to secure the support of an experienced IT manager to properly target and facilitate the priority projects.

The first step is to carry out a situation analysis, in order to prioritize the different needs, while taking into account the budgetary constraints with which the decision makers of the company will have to deal. The goal is to have a plan and schedule that will adapt to the pace of operations and the available budget. To do this, it is necessary to consult all stakeholders related to the processes in place in the company.

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Thus, the analysis of the situation presented initially will propose solutions and deadlines taking into account the business reality of the company in order to minimize the operational and financial pressure. By consulting all stakeholders related to the processes and ways of doing business, we ensure a thorough understanding interdependencies often poorly identified, and greater employee support for projects preferred.

Once priorities are established, it becomes easier to choose the most promising projects that will have a positive impact on users. The business will become more operational, and change management will be facilitated as affected stakeholders have been consulted and will be able to benefit from it.


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